Abused & Used

Abused & Used by Valerie Parente

I’m done with letting myself be abused and used.
I held on for as long as I could, hoping I could save someone else
but the truth is I can’t save anybody unless I save myself.
I’m going to miss everybody so much
but I need to do this for myself and for my family
because my mental health is not just mine, it belongs to my entire family unit
and I would never let them be abused the way I’ve allowed myself to be.


– Valerie Parente (2-15-2020)

One thought on “Abused & Used

  1. Bob Parente says:

    Their will always be individuals that choose to push those around them down believing it will keep them up.    You’re stronger and better off by learning to unveil the hidden dangers being delivered. It will invade the greatness of opportunity for tomorrow.  When you learn to recognize those influencing negative energy in the name of self interests, you’ll see it drags all within reach down; like being tied to an anchor headed toward the sea floor.When you prepare, are humble, have true compassion and can recognize those with the hidden anchor veil.  The opportunity of the greatness can begin to take flight.  Happiness for others can push all up away from the reaches of those with the hidden danger veil.Strive to find Good Character above all!

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