The Demon & The Damsel (Intro)

The Demon & The Damsel (Intro) by Valerie Parente

The demon thought to himself
“My work here is done,
I’ve messed the damsel up enough,
imprinted myself in her brain,
and all that’s left is to run.
I don’t even have to explain
to this weaker link that I led on,
I got as far as one could
without ever having to touch,
got my ego stroked everyday
and now it’s on to the next one.
With this silver in hand
and this green on my thumb
I’ll plant a new disaster
then continue to play dumb.
My heart won’t skip a beat
over the mental web I have spun
so much trauma and destruction
until she started to catch on.
It’s gonna take years for that bitch
to undo the pain I’ve caused
and I’ve never felt more important
than when I destroyed her for fun
’cause now she can’t breathe
but I don’t think of her breath once.”

The damsel sat down before the fire pit
noticing how the flames were as red as a rose.
She was ready to transcribe the trauma
from her journey three months ago,
that time she tried to tame a demon
while letting him keep his throne.
She writes on the parchment
“Thank you for being an asshole,
thank you for bringing out the worst in me
so that the best had room to grow,”
because now she’s finally free
from the demon who sold her soul,
cashed her in for someone better
that provided a bigger ego stroke.
“I called out all his Dark Arts,”
she scrawled in cursive rows,
“But I’m the one whose exiled
because my brain didn’t let go,
they want to burn me like a witch
then reap the embers that glow,
because what is more dangerous…
secretly wreaking havoc for the Devil
or being the big-mouth girl who knows?”

The damsel looked up at the stars
remembering the castle the demon owned
and with a flicker of her wrists
she drew a map of that hellhole.
The wise girl laughed to herself
knowing one day his antics would turn cold
because what this demon didn’t realize
was that she could turn pain into gold
making spells out of pure emotion
when mixed with the magic in her bones
and with the words on this parchment
she’d guide an army of her own
to the hellscapes she escaped from
to liberate every possessed soul.

to be continued
Chapter I

– Valerie Parente (7-30-2020)

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