The Demon & The Damsel (Chapter I)


The Demon & The Damsel (Chapter I) by Valerie Parente

For three moons and three suns
the damsel set her sights on a legion
while she wandered through the forest
she daydreamed of knights to kill the demon.
Once she reached the outskirts of a village
she noticed a woman heavy breathing,
the color in her eyes, a milky gray,
and a coy look like she was scheming.
A psychic, you might call her
with a cluster of crystals used for readings.
Suddenly the damsel realized
she didn’t have a plan to reel in
an army that could help her
execute the dream she’s been dreaming.
The damsel approached the psychic sternly
“Hello Daphne,” the psychic greeted.
She knew the damsel’s name without a hint.
Daphne embraced the destined meeting
knowing the stars always had a divine plan,
“My lady, have you eaten?”
Daphne offered a loaf from her pocket,
“Can you trade your wisdom for some feeding?”
“Oh bless your heart,” The psychic laughed,
“Your bargaining is not needed;
I’ve been waiting for us to cross paths
to keep you safe from bleeding.
The crystals whispered to the stars
and told me what you believe in,
about your goal to liberate the damned
to harness justice and get even.”

Daphne took a deep breath,
she knew this woman was her only hope,
“I was obsessed with a demon once,”
the damsel’s voice shook and it choked.
The psychic smiled but it was sweet,
“Dear, I already know.
Do you know his real name?”
Daphne shook her head, no.
“That’s because he has none,”
the psychic cackled like a crow.
“Your first mistake, when you met,
was you humanized his soul
but the truth is that the Demon
feels no remorse in his bones
he was made to be cruel
because there is a deep hole
far in his cavernous chest
where a heart was supposed to go.”
Suddenly Daphne remembered,
she gasped, “I should’ve known,”
because when she was just a child
her favorite books always told
of the ways of the underworld
how the Devil creates sick trolls
all heartless and nameless
simply bred just to invoke
a type of pain from the depths of hell
in each kingdom they overthrow
put on this God forsaken planet
to destroy every last bit of hope.  

“Now what you must do,” the psychic advised,
“Is gather the broken-hearted,
those are the ones with a third eye
blessed by what was once painful
they are the soldiers you need by your side.”
Daphne listened intently,
“But how do I convince them to fight?”
The psychic woman spoke calmly,
“Just say what feels right,
you will know in the moment
the stars will be your guide.”

to be continued…
Chapter II

– Valerie Parente (8-1-2020)

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