The Demon & The Damsel (Chapter II)

Chapter I

The Demon & The Damsel (Chapter II) by Valerie Parente

A convent full of the Sun God’s followers
invited Daphne to stay the night
all women devoted to positivity.
they lived their lives by the sunlight.
Before going to sleep on a firm mattress
Daphne questioned the place she lied
with her leather-bound notebook in hand
she grabbed a quill and started to write
“Why do they worship the Sun?”
she begged her pen for insight.
And just like clockwork, the world listened
and a conventual came to say goodnight.
The damsel asked her this question
and the Sun’s follower sat by her side
“We believe you can go to bed upset
but you must reset your mind by daylight.
No amount of pain is forever
like our Sun, it sets then it will rise
so if you’re having a bad day
allow yourself an emotional right
but when tomorrow comes
it’s time to move on and try
to see the good in the new day,
to see the smiles that arise.
And I know it sounds difficult
but I’m living proof of this way of life.
I lost my family to violent pillagers
and I let myself be sad for awhile
but I felt the Sun above speak to me,
she said my family was sick and tired
of watching down from heaven
while I wasted so much time.
The Sun told me my loved ones are always with me
in every single ray the Sun shines
and ever since that day
I feel warm, even under a cloudy sky.”
The damsel thought of the Demon
and all the brainwashing she had to fight
like when he told her she owes it to her pain
to identify heavily with every tear she cried,
that to let go of the negativity
would be an insult to God’s mind.
But today, in front of this conventual
Daphne knew the Demon was full of lies.

That night the damsel dreamt of the Devil,
something she hadn’t done since she escaped
that castle she once called home
the Demon’s royal hellscape.
The nightmare shook her to her core
but in the slumber she remained
determined to speak to the dark lord
to understand why he was made.
“You took everything from me,”
her teeth gritted in pure pain.
The Demon’s wings billowed out
and in a thunderous rage
a storm spouted form his spine
swirling tornadoes in vain.
But why is Daphne at fault
when the Demon is the one to blame?
All she ever did was try to see the love
as the fallen angel made mistake after mistake.
Turns out this was Daphne’s greatest crime
because there is nothing a toxic man hates
more than the girl who points out
every sliver and shred of his toxic traits.
Suddenly the Demon reached out
grabbed the damsel by the waste
and he grew ten stories high
with razor sharp teeth in a mouth agape
He was about to make a meal out of her
so she wriggled like a snake
trying to break free…
then she remembered she could wake.

The sun shined through the stained glass
painting a rainbow across the bedroom.
Daphne smiled as she sat up straight
remembering the Sun follower’s #1 rule.
Her night had been rough
but sure enough the morning ensued.
Today was a new day
and it was time to gather the troops.
Daphne left the convent feeling strong
like her soul had grown immune
and when she finally returns to the Demon
she’d be ready to see him through,
make her way to the bloody fountain,
reach into the scarlet pool,
and handpick every last soul
that the Devil once imprisoned for fuel.

to be continued…

Chapter III

– Valerie Parente (8-4-2020)

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