The Demon & The Damsel (Chapter III)

Chapter II

The Demon & The Damsel (Chapter III) by Valerie Parente

The Demon moved along in his life
collecting souls and locking them in a chest
hidden away in the basement of the kingdom
where there was nothing but darkness.
Every now and again
a new girl would wander into these depths
it was so easy for the Demon to lure her
with a false sense of nurturance.
That was the problem with Daphne
the Demon thought way back to when
he never had to battle for her mind
yet she became so deeply obsessed.
That’s the thing about damsels
they always find themselves in distress
then when they meet a Demon
who offers a fake sense of solace
using the curse of a Devil
it’s so easy to feel blessed.
But Daphne made it hard to be imprisoned
because she fell in love with the fallen angel
and the Demon couldn’t accept
that she was determined to heal his wounds
as if his narcissism could be bandaged.
She called out all his sins
thinking she could better his image,
after two years He had enough,
she was too smart and too fresh,
there was an imbalance of power
and no damsel should be so confident.
To this day He stands by his decision
to banish Daphne from castle Nefaria.
He could have physically killed her
but psychological damage felt best.
If the Demon hadn’t exiled Daphne
he was sure she never would have left
because somewhere along the line
this damsel got it in her head
that she needed the Demon to love her
otherwise she might as well be dead.

Today Daphne had her eyes set on redemption
to make all of her pain feel worth it
because finding beauty in the ugly
gave her maddened mind purpose.
After leaving the convent of Sun followers
it was time to enter the Anafranile forest.
Daphne stood before the tallest of trees
looking like birch towers nature dressed,
unable to see the tops or the leaves,
she swore those trees were endless.
A haunting tune filled these woods
sung by horse-sized birds with ebony plumage.
Their chirps sounded like piano keys,
a kind of lullaby before bed.
As Daphne took a step into the grayscale jungle
she felt her eyes grow wet,
something about the song stirred her soul
it reminded her that she was only human.
She remembered her toxic relationship,
like a blazing fire, she only saw red
when she thought of the creature she loved
and all that time she spent.
To the bird’s ballad she saw memories,
the past felt like pure death,
and it wouldn’t be so painful
if she lacked emotional intellect.

Ever since Daphne was a small child
she had a bad habit of collecting feelings
holding onto moods for dear life
as if emotions were a religion to believe in.
To the nice boys she was too intense
so it’s no surprise she fell for a demon.
She was only 25 but her mind felt like 100
experiencing lifetimes-worth of bleeding.
At every inception of her love
she felt the obsessive nature creep in.
When she first entered the Demon’s domain
she felt safe beyond reason
despite the moat of lava surrounding Nefaria
and storm clouds that were never leaving
Daphne attached herself to the darkness
determined to cast beauty on the region.

to be continued…

– Valerie Parente (8-7-2020)

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