Seascape by Valerie Parente

You think the answer is out there,
so it’s time to set sail,
engulfed in the seascape,
and its nautical tales,
hoping for mermaids,
creature’s we’ve never seen,
set sail, this sweet ship,
a metaphysical discovery.

You think you’re just a ship,
lost in the ocean,
the truth is you’re the tide,
implicitly in motion,
waves of the mind,
here before you’re birth,
man did not make you,
nature spawned you first.

You think when you’re shipwrecked,
that it is the very end,
the truth is, you’re set free,
no more need to pretend,
part of the blue mystery,
so much bigger than you,
connected with everything,
the current becomes your truth.

– Valerie Parente (4-7-2021)

The Phoenix

The Phoenix by Valerie Parente

My mind has a body,
and it was engulfed in flames,
it could have been thirty seconds,
but the heat went on for days.

I felt every part of my anatomy,
reduce to ash and bones,
but sentience was still there,
that’s when I felt the quality of soul.

Like magma in a crevice,
it pooled and it overflowed,
then something strange happened,
and I felt my suffering erode.

Miraculous bird under the sun,
I was resurrected at dawn,
a phoenix with empathy so big,
there was death, but I’m not gone.

It’s the destruction and decay,
then the unstoppable sunrise,
how the light will always persist,
and I am one with that demise.

That’s how we begin again,
so much better than before,
that’s how we understand our blessings
you die, then you are reborn.

Pamper Yourself

Pamper Yourself by Valerie Parente

Sink in the bathtub,
decorated with flowers like lily-pads,
smell the burning sage,
the candles and the melting wax.

Send me a message,
from the spirits that guide the stars,
do it with ease,
as you flip over your tarot cards.

My conscience was chosen for this gift,
the present, the human body,
and it’s never been more clear,
that physical health is a luxury.

Take care of your cells,
be it lavender soap or fine wine,
whatever feels real and good,
you owe it to this thing called life.

– Valerie Parente (4-5-2021)

The Owl Mind

The Owl Mind by Valerie Parente

Nocturnal under the moonlight,
with visions of horror,
so many fears when it becomes night,
like a bad dream in color.

Intrusive images play in rotations,
amplified by the dark,
wide-eyed in your fixations,
as you performs your thoughts.

Something about the evening,
the howls elongate and stretch,
so foreboding like a demon,
so much worse when the sun sets.

Vigilant on treetops like a tower,
is it paranoia or being wise?
Everything is scarier after hours,
and yes, that includes my mind.

The owl mind is exhausting,
the owl mind you can’t trust,
but there is no other option,
dark will always follow dusk.

– Valerie Parente (3-31-2021)

On The Surface

On The Surface by Valerie Parente

I would very much
not like to be the person
that only cares for
what’s on the surface

but this terrain is bumpy
and full of craters
while the whole world
remains my neighbor

and I’m prone to circles
that go round and round
while I watch a layer
far above the ground.

I don’t want skin deep
I want profound
maybe it’s time to dig up
what’s been underground.

These words in me
they’ve been alive
so I ramble nonsense
to the naked eye.

I don’t know what I mean
until the retrospect
and I trust my subconscious
in all its depths.

There’s so much meaning and purpose and value and pride
and that’s not what you get on the surface of a mind.

– Valerie Parente (3-30-2021)


Horns by Valerie Parente

I used to wear a halo,
now I wear horns,
it wasn’t my intention,
until I was scorned,
leaving the garden,
where roses have thorns,
and I didn’t come out,
unscathed from the storm,
when the sky cleared,
I was weathered and worn,
and the horns began to sprout,
from the temples I adorned.

It wasn’t immediate,
it came from hindsight,
for ten months I went,
trying to rationalize,
dissecting where and how,
I could be the bad guy,
then the news broke,
that I was in the right,
but I still wear these horns,
they comfort me at night,
’cause I can be the demon,
instead of a damsel in demise.

The townsfolk are skeptical,
for whom I vouch for,
I understand the fright,
but I’m better than before,
the uncertainty is gone,
I am no longer unsure,
there is no insecurity,
I am no longer unmoored,
if he hurts me again,
it will hurt him a hell of a lot more,
the worst already came for me,
then I grew these horns.

– Valerie Parente (3-29-2021)


Lovestruck by Valerie Parente

Let’s talk about society
and how it lives inside of me.
Every mannerism, every inflection
spreading like a viral infection,
’cause you’ve been part of me
like an antidote to autonomy.
Something so delicate and rare
happens every time I care,
I surrender my own needs
and this narcissist starts to bleed.

Let’s assume caring is a kind of magic
capable of halting all the madness.
Every self-indulgent display
and I start to look away,
’cause I’m blinded by the glow
emanating from your soul.
Something everyone can wear
but I only see it when I care
and that’s the very empathy
that saves me from me.

– Valerie Parente (3-28-2021)


Credence by Valerie Parente

What matters to you
when nobody else matters?
What do you believe in
when nobody believes in anything?
When someone tells you
there are no such things as deities
why do you feel inclined
to speak to a higher being?

– Valerie Parente (3-28-2021)


Pencil by Valerie Parente

It’s been a long time
since I’ve written in pencil,
able to erase
whatever I’m meant to,
lead on the page
like I’m living proof,
modifying the pain
as we start out new.

– Valerie Parente (3-26-2021)


Bonus by Valerie Parente

You are not my goal,
but you are a bonus.
I learned to live without,
so now I can live with.

– Valerie Parente (3-25-2021)