Your Apology

Your Apology by Valerie Parente

Don’t apologize to me.
Apologize to yourself.
Because I have so much love to give and you chose to deprive yourself of it.

You Would Have Grown With Me

– Valerie Parente (8-7-2019)


Why I Apologize

Why I Apologize by Valerie Parente

I apologize because I am less than perfect.

I apologize because I cannot read your mind.
I apologize to prove I am aware of my presentation.
I apologize to negate anything I do that you might dislike.
I apologize because I cannot be everybody’s inspiration.
I apologize to beat you to the punch.
I apologize to try and predict all you foresaw.
I apologize because I cannot say everything at once.
I apologize before you get the chance to see my flaws.

I apologize to seem perfect.


– Valerie Parente (10-16-2017)