Ink by Valerie Parente

when she wears the tiara

Just leave that ink in tears to cry
Let them fall on the blue lines
And create personal marks
That record our beating hearts.

Don’t try too hard to define
All the thoughts that plague your mind
When you turn your conscience off
A list of words becomes art.

Vocabulary describes
What makes chills tickle your spine
Suppressed fears locked in the dark
Motifs hidden in your plot.

The whispers a pen provides
Are emotions summarized
Broken up in royal parts
By a new language monarch.

– Valerie Parente (6-28-17)


Two Types of Inspiration

yellow tulips

In artistic creation there are two types of inspiration, one which blooms from the conscience and one which blooms from the subconscious.

The first is when you get inspired by an emotional experience then try to immortalize the imprint of that experience through art. The second is when you, under the influence of a thoughtless drive, create something without fully understanding why then take step back and analyze where in your psyche that inspiration was rooted. Working backwards to find out why it is so aesthetically fulfilling to paint blood stain tears underneath your eyes or scribble decaying trees in illustrations.

– Valerie Parente (5-31-16)