Rise Above

Rise Above by Valerie Parente

Ruler of the Sun

You beat me to the punch
Knocked me upside the head
But I got off the ground once
I can do it again.

– Valerie Parente (11-29-2019)



PremonitionVeracity by Valerie Parente

You asked, “is this about me?”
I asked, “should it be?”
I think if you think it applies to you then you already have your answer
and I think if you try to avoid liking someone then it’s because there’s already something there
because you can’t avoid something that does not exist
and I’m sorry but I can see through all your bullshit.
Because I promised myself a long time ago that I’d always be honest with myself
and your problems come back to me because they’re the reason you give me hell.

– Valerie Parente (8-16-2019)


"Roll the Dice" by Valerie Parente

Games by Valerie Parente

I’m not over you,
I’m over the games.

I’m over rolling the dice to see if today you’ll be nice, wondering if I’ll have to fight to bring out your good side.
I’m over the way you play me for a fool while I just play aloof, pretending I don’t see the truth but I know your every move.
I’m over showing all my cards like I’ve got the king of hearts but then you try to be smart and leave me at a loss.
I’m over not knowing what comes next because you’re shuffling the deck trying to create randomness before it’s my turn to guess.
I’m over calling all your bluffs and trying to earn your trust because you’re too scared to grow up and admit there could be an “us”.

Then you yell and you scream because you want to beat me but what you failed to see is we’ve been on the same team.

– Valerie Parente (7-10-2019)

Aesthetic Reality

"Marvel" by Valerie Parente

Aesthetic Reality by Valerie Parente

You’re starting to realize that reality is subjective
and perception is the byproduct of perspective
Now you’re deciding not to be fooled by the deception
that self-respect is determined by rejection
as if your meaning is for someone else to measure.
But the truth is that you get to choose your mood
because your personhood is dictated by the personal
and aesthetic stems from what makes you authentic.

– Valerie Parente (5-12-2019)