Pink Petals

Pink Petals by Valerie Parente

Pink petals
so gentle
speak with grace
and let the dust settle.

Floral state
my mind-frame
gather it up
and make a bouquet.

Rosy blush
when it gets rough
decorate me
like I’m in love.

– Valerie Parente (8-12-2021)


Wildflower by Valerie Parente

pressed against these pages,
just a bookmark of these phases,
in all your waxing and waning,
tissue paper petals for taking,
in this meadow I’ve been saving,
unintentional in all its making,
from seeds that stray adjacent,
once so wild, now so patient,
poetry on a page that’s been dated,
where my Wildflower lies naked,
years after the displacement,
a simple plant so complicated.

– Valerie Parente (5-4-2021)