Rose Buds

Rose Buds by Valerie Parente

I collect rose buds
for the fun
and I feel immortal
like I am one
with the showcase
of my collection
that’s why I display
the things I love
infinite treasures
flow and flux
perpetual motifs
they mirror me
like a reflection
objects with stories
never fully done.
It’s not hoarding
it’s admiration
for the symbols
in my vision.

– Valerie Parente (6-28-2021)


Wisteria by Valerie Parente

The wisteria drapes
like lavender rain
and I am amazed
by the floral display.

Took several years to grow
the perennials above the road
so pure when it overflows
yet toxic in a small dose.

They say to beware
of this invasive plant
overtaking the land
but I am not scared.

I have become one with the infection
that plagued my intentions
so pretty, so prevalent
as I embrace the evidence.

Long live the twining
of nature’s signage
like calligraphy winding
in a language so binding.

The wisteria dominates
any glimpse of sun rays
but I could never hate
sitting under the shade.

– Valerie Parente (5-25-2021)