Lady Luna and the Haunted

Lady Luna and The Haunted by Valerie Parente

Eventually Lady Luna realized
that the ones most haunted
are the ghosts themselves
because those entities embody
the very thing we have in common
a soul suspending from the wanting
a better life from the past onward
and Lady Luna’s epiphany started
when she felt the collective conscience
it said, “pain is just an option
a pattern we fall into, far too often
because time dictates losses
but acceptance is the calling
that heals all who have fallen”.

What is
has always been,
what isn’t
is only an influence
on the attitude you choose to invest in
not the reality your soul is within.

– Valerie Parente (5-24-2021)


Real To Me

Commentary on Rather Be Haunted.

Real To Me by Valerie Parente

How miraculous it is when you’re realizing
that there is a mirror between the universe and your psyche.
I saw a ghost and I thought it was real,
I had a connection with a boy that I thought was real
and whether it was real on the outside or just make-believe
this haunted experience had a real impact on me
so to come up with the title without even thinking
about how that metaphor mirrored my psychological making
became another “a-ha” moment where I knew God was with me
and without a doubt I know He was partaking in my journey.
These synchronicities don’t happen every now and then
they happen all the time, it’s just a matter of recognizing them.

– Valerie Parente (7-12-2020)

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Love. Heartache. Death.
Rather Be Haunted documents a dark period for the poet. Emotions linger like ghosts. Interpersonal relations cause palpable frustration. Death breaks the heart but in the most beautiful way.

Through chronological poetry and prose you can feel all that haunts the obsessive compulsive writer’s psyche as she tries to understand her hyper-sensitivities through rhymes and clever lines. As frustration builds, so does resilience, making the struggles that define our humanity all the more remarkable. After all, isn’t the struggle to make sense of emotions the grandest mark of being alive? What makes us human hurts; that is the gift of the universe.

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Rather Be Haunted

Rather Be Haunted by Valerie Parente

Emotions haunt me like ghosts
manipulating the energy inside of me
drawing from what I want the most
because my intensity sets the ghosts free.

The more meaning in my interactions
the more meaning in my poetry
because these interpersonal relations
have me evolving spiritually.

I used to identify as the tortured artist
but now I identify as a human being
creating words so painfully honest
Hurt, feel, heal, then repeat.

The pain never starts out pretty
but the ghosts give me an artistic opportunity
in turn I give them the satisfaction of being seen
while I turn those emotions into a masterpiece.

It isn’t easy learning through ghosts
but if its between getting what I wanted
and the force of emotional growth
then I would rather be haunted.


– Valerie Parente (2-25-2020)

Ghosts In My Room

Ghosts In My Room by Valerie Parente

I see ghosts in my room
maybe because I have room for them too
they flicker and repeat like static on TV
and I’m not sure why I can see these figures in front of me
but it happens in the middle of the night, every single week.

I feel like the images I perceive
are from a dimension I shouldn’t see
always a body without a face
shadowy figures with no name
hosting a sentience in their flashing shapes.

Sometimes it’s one figure, sometimes it’s two or three
No matter the amount they’re always unique
a defining trait like a baseball cap or bangs
they always move in a particular way
and I can’t tell if they know they’re in my space.

When I see those ghosts in the night
my recurrent thought is, “You know I can see you, right?”
it almost seems like they don’t realize where they are
and I’m not sure why all of a sudden they turned up
but they’ve been showing up ever since my greatest loss.

After two months I asked one beside my bed
“How are you?” to the flashing silhouette
it gave me the middle finger
another motion in flickers
so I just laid back as it lingered.

Some people tell me I should be afraid
that ghosts are an energy I shouldn’t entertain
but I truly feel that they are harmless
and my intuition says that they have no ill intent
if anything they feel like gentle friends.

Some people say that I’m just hallucinating
that these beings are of my own making
but gut feelings never lie
and I know what I’m feeling inside
and I’m feeling that they’re separate from my mind.

I always give it a few seconds
look around to see if it’s just in my head
when I look back the images are still prevalent
in all the same outlines and repetitive movements
and to be perfectly honest, I am comforted by their existence.

– Valerie Parente (1-3-2020)