Beg A Question (The Royal Harpy & The Lunar Druid)

Beg A Question (The Royal Harpy & The Lunar Druid) by Valerie Parente

The royal harpy’s sickness
has always been her muse
and that’s precisely why this princess
couldn’t differentiate from the two.

On a night of pure stillness
she captured the druid of the moon
she took him as her witness
and begged him for the truth.

“Surely it’s your business,
and I will not be made a fool,
tell me, am I my condition
or is my condition just a ruse?”

The lunar druid was oddly smitten
remembering all the princess had been through
a young harpy tormented by children
so he posed a question too.

“Did they bully you for your condition?
Or was this your condition because they bullied you?”
“I’m not sure I know the difference,”
the princess whispered so confused.

That druid of the moon simply listened
as he heard all he needed to
and as his emerald eyes glistened
he whispered, “That is your proof.”

– Valerie Parente (7-30-2021)

Luna Moth

Luna Moth by Valerie Parente

Luna moth
come alive in the dark
nocturnal like the moon
at night, we embark.

Lime green
blend with the leaves
make me a home
out of willow trees.

Like phases
from waxing to waning
that cocoon chipped away
and who could blame it?

Spotted wings
like eyes watching
see through my soul
while you’re billowing.

Luna moth
you’ve become my art
I see myself in you
and the light you want.

– Valerie Parente (6-3-2021)