Time Heals Your Pain

Time Heals Your Pain by Valerie Parente

The universe knows how to heal the soul
by using a dimension called “time”.
We’re so used to this everlasting flow
that we forget it makes us divine.

Because time and time again
this world sends me the same message
that this pain will come to an end
as long as time progresses.

How incredible it is to realize
that the thing I wanted most a month ago
has transformed in my mind
as the worst case scenerio.

So next time you think you’re finished
and you think you’ve reached your demise
just remember we’ve been put on a planet
where the sun will always rise.

– Valerie Parente (6-20-2020)


The Artist, The Muse: A Poetry & Prose Collection

The Artist, The Muse: A Poetry & Prose Collection by Valerie Parente OUT NOW


The Artist, The Muse is what you get when you interweave psychology, creativity, and spirituality into the poetic fabric of a mentally disordered daydreamer’s mind. Valerie Parente artfully hones the craft of written word in this collection of poetry and prose through fantastical metaphors, rhythmic patterns, heartfelt emotions, metaphysical references, and breath-taking epiphanies. Dark daydreams and silver-lining mantras blossom out of the obsessive compulsive writer’s verbal landscape as the artist becomes her own muse.

Includes poetry, prose, and artwork by Valerie Parente.

Table of Contents:

The Artist, The Muse
Conscience of Nonsense
Glitter In The Air
Shy of Me
The Gargoyle Mindset
An Inadequate Reflection
You’ve Made An Author Out Of Me
Grandiosity of the Sick
Daydreams Are Shadows
Hindsight of the Falsehood
Idu Ego
The Silver Screen
Realize These Butterflies
The Writer
The Instinct of Intuition
The Masterpiece Tragedy of Marionette
Playing with Dolls
Imagination Is Not Free
I Wish You Well
Paradox Lock
Dreams of Floating
Give & Take
Her Bright Pink Shoes
Why I Apologize
My Heart Thaws
Sage of Tarkus
The Creeper
Young Sapling
she could not master astral projection
Touch the Heart
To Be Human
Lady Luna and the Light Inside
The Answer
Order In Disorder
Trust the Stars
Message From The Universe

The Artist, The Muse by Valerie Parente

The Instinct of Intuition

The Instinct of Intuition by Valerie Parente

Intuition is intuition.
Just because you did not mean it
does not mean there is no meaning in it.
A mind does not need to give permission
for intuition to come to fruition.
After all what we call “thought”
does not come from the heart.

Intuition is intuition.
Just because you do not understand it
does not make it less intrinsic.
A sense does not comply to your conditions,
intuition needs no vision.
You might not know where or why it derived
but you could say the same about life.

Intuition is intuition.
Just because you do not control it
does not make it unrealistic.
A feeling does not hold momentum or position,
still intuition maintains an existence.
In each and every one of us
it’s the mystery we can trust.


– Valerie Parente (1-5-17)