Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf by Valerie Parente

I’ve said it once
and I’ll say it again:
People want to be a hero so badly,
they’ll create a villain.

Because when you cry wolf
in a self-righteous hoax
you don’t really undermine
the real bad guys.

– Valerie Parente (7-1-2020)


Misguided Benevolence

Misguided Benevolence by Valerie Parente

We grew up admiring heroes on this earth
and learned early on that we too could save the world.
Now we just look for problems
for the satisfaction of solving them.
We attack people for not using words we like
instead of attacking the real bad guys.
And I’m learning more and more every day
that my peers can be so full of hate.
Some people want to be a hero so badly
that they’ll create a villain out of habit.

Valerie Parente (6-10-2020)