Jackalope by Valerie Parente

You’re just a mythical thing
a hybrid through taxidermy
jackrabbit ears
antlers that pierce
formulated after death
a concept used to make sense
of the world we don’t know
my dear jackalope.

You’re just a mythical thing
you screwed me up that morning
that’s why I’m a creature of the night
but that pain will not define
the way you broke me down
so broken but whole now
a fusion of my dual states
dark and light in the same place.

You’re just a mythical thing
two real entities mixing
to make one hell of a tall tale
and my mind went off the rails
a little truth behind the love
a little make-believe teenage crush
you got out, never quite mine
I had grace but I was chaos inside.

You’re just a mythical thing
made from the backstabbing
you don’t know me
you know a girl so naive
when I had you in my palm
before we sabotaged it all
but I’m content tonight
I found someone that felt right.

You’re just a mythical thing
my omen, my warning
you don’t play God with nature
you don’t tamper with your maker
that’s when you lose your appetite
become emaciated over night
that was no way to live
nearly got myself killed.

You’re just a mythical thing
a story I was telling
now you’re a thing of the past
and I won’t bring that pain back
a little bit of truth combined
became a tall tale over time
and I’m okay letting go
farewell, dear jackalope.

– Valerie Parente (6-6-2021)


Polished Mirror

Polished Mirror by Valerie Parente

Everything is so much clearer
now that I’ve polished my mirror;
reflected on what went wrong
and I’m so beyond moving on.
That’s the thing about retrospect,
you learn from the bitterness,
from what you could not detect,
until it became past tense.
It’s not about what I want, now that I know what I need
and I’m ready to see all that I’m meant to see
with this perspective that’s been reflective
now that I’m finally clean.

– Valerie Parente (3-1-2021)

I Don’t Care About “I’m Sorry”

I Don’t Care About “I’m Sorry” by Valerie Parente

Over a decade of deep hurt
frustration that became a part of me
I longed for an explanation to return
but I don’t care about “I’m sorry”.
I realize I’m not going to be cured
by someone else’s apology.
I need to do the inner work
to become the savior I want to be
and I’m flattered by the remorse
but I can’t depend on a back and forth
to remind me of my self-worth
when I can find solace in my own words.

– Valerie Parente (8-20-2020)

Trust Me, I’m Okay

Trust Me, I’m Okay by Valerie Parente

I think people think that I’m stuck in place
because I still talk about the pain
but I swear that’s not the case;
it’s just hard to verbally move on
when you have ritualistic thoughts
and such a prevalent mental scar.
I promise that at the core of my ego
I truly don’t want what I wanted three months ago
I just can’t help but memorize the pain from your low blow.

Trust me, I’m okay today and every other day.
Sometimes timing just doesn’t matter with the OCD brain
and it’s just a matter of accepting the ways our mind plays.

– Valerie Parente (7-23-2020)

Poetic Plot

Poetic Plot by Valerie Parente

For the past few years
the only thing that got rid of my writer’s block
was when you’d go and pissed me off
so now that you’re dead and gone
I’m struggling to remember how to start.
How do I write a piece from my heart
without getting your image involved?
Because you were the one to break me apart
and I know that contradicts my thoughts
that I’m trying to write about moving on
but it’s way too damn hard
not to end this with a vicious remark
a quick fuck you for affecting my art
and a quick thank you for making me your pawn
because that sick game you called my fault
made a hell of a good poetic plot.

“Can’t Trust Love” by Valerie Parente

– Valerie Parente (7-6-2020)

No Longer Walking On Glass

No Longer Walking On Glass by Valerie Parente

I don’t feel like I’m walking on glass any more.
I don’t feel like I need to protect an ego so fragile it would break if I smile
and I realize that relationships are supposed to be good, not a constant battle.
I walk along freely and I realize how easy it is connecting with someone who respects me
and it’s not that you were bad
your words were just sharp as glass and my skin was too sensitive for that.
I tip-toed carefully when I should have been able to run free
but now that I’m done with that routine I can finally move on with ease.

Valerie Parente (6-24-2020)


Forward by Valerie Parente

“Don’t Look Back” by Valerie Parente

You don’t have to explain yourself,
the past is in the past,
it’s time to enjoy life again,
so don’t you dare look back.

When you want to regress,
just remember the fact,
that love is supposed to feel good,
it’s not a battle to be had.

You romanticized the struggle,
you let the feelings drag,
because it felt safer in this circle,
when you ran another lap.

There will be moments of doubt,
you’ll be tempted to go off-track,
but if you keep moving foward,
then you’re on the right path.

You’re not running away from problems,
you’re making a future that will last,
those old feelings were addicting,
and there’s no time to relapse.

– Valerie Parente (6-17-2020)



Evolve by Valerie Parente

You’re not the love of my life
You’re just a writing prompt
Someone to empathize
While I learn to grow up.

You haven’t wasted my time
You gave me a new start
Memories that will align
With the person I become.

No I haven’t left behind
The person that I was
And learning by your side
Is what helped me evolve.

You taught me what it’s like
To have respect for myself
And I finally feel alright
Without someone else.

– Valerie Parente (8-11-2019)

The entire universe and its blessings are in the palm of my hand

Nebula TreeThe entire universe and its blessings are in the palm of my hand by Valerie Parente

The entire universe and its blessings are in the palm of my hand. I can feel the energy that makes up you and me and everything in between and I am in awe that I did not notice until now how interconnected we all are with the energy we spawned from. I still have longings but I feel so whole and complete like my longings long back for me. I feel that my blessings walk beside me even when they can’t be seen. I am not discouraged when things do not go my way, I am empowered. Every struggle is proof that I am worthy of more than I hoped to settle for and I am in awe and in love with the story the universe writes about me.

– Valerie Parente (9-27-2018)