The Witching Hour and the Day She Witnessed

The Witching Hour and the Day She Witnessed by Valerie Parente

I love the brightness of the day,
but when the moon comes to play,
I like hearing the owls speak,
whistling wisdom from their beaks.

I must tell you, I respect the evening,
and the very moon that I believe in,
the dark sky brings retrospect,
to the daylight earlier witnessed.

She who is nocturnal,
owns a world that is eternal,
because there’s never an end,
to what the soul can comprehend.

Well I guess that’s how it goes,
we have experience and then we grow,
encoding it all in the witching hour,
where the spirits accompany what’s ours.

– Valerie Parente (6-5-2021)

Luna Moth

Luna Moth by Valerie Parente

Luna moth
come alive in the dark
nocturnal like the moon
at night, we embark.

Lime green
blend with the leaves
make me a home
out of willow trees.

Like phases
from waxing to waning
that cocoon chipped away
and who could blame it?

Spotted wings
like eyes watching
see through my soul
while you’re billowing.

Luna moth
you’ve become my art
I see myself in you
and the light you want.

– Valerie Parente (6-3-2021)