Poetry Reading & Analysis (Grandiosity of the Sick ~ Glitter In The Air ~ she could not master astral projection) (VIDEO)

Features “Grandiosity of the Sick”, “Glitter In The Air”, and “she could not master astral projection”
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she could not master astral projection

she could not master astral projection by Valerie Parente

The girl with the mysophobia could not master astral projection.
“This fear and this feeling of germ infestation tainting my skin locks me into physical awareness. To be so in touch with my material self blinds me to the ethereal possibilities of consciousness beyond the body. To open the mind to a realm that needs no space or time is impossible as long as this germ fear persists.”

And so it seems, anxiety is the greatest barrier between us and connection with our true essence.

"Astral Projection" by Valerie Parente

– Valerie Parente (5-17-2017)