With The Tide

With The Tide by Valerie Parente

I decided a long time ago
that I was going to be alright,
when that first disappointment hit
I looked my reflection in the eyes,
said, “I will never get over this,
but I will certainly survive.”
Sunny days always come,
the sadness ebbs with the tide.
I remember my teenage self
and I refuse to waste her time.
I’m a product of those days,
as they were a product of my mind.

You don’t need to forget
for your pain to subside,
you just need to accept
that this is your timeline.

– Valerie Parente (5-10-2021)

Mental Growth

Mental Growth by Valerie Parente

How many times
have we heard that saying
“you need to go through pain to grow”?
How many times
did we try to cheat the system
when all we really did was postpone?
Well I always knew I would break
I just kept putting off the date
now I’ve had a year to mature
and the growth is ten times more
but the one thing I need to try
is never to celebrate being right
because the moment I place value on being correct
I’d undermine my newfound self-respect.
I didn’t heal thinking I was right about everything
I healed when I accepted being right didn’t mean a thing.

– Valerie Parente (3-19-2021)


Graffiti by Valerie Parente

Like a graffiti artist
envisioning a new canvas
I saw the writing on the wall
and I was terrified me from the start.
Even though I love to paint my pain
I had never been more afraid
because I knew that space will never be pure again
I got something beautiful at a monumental expense.

– Valerie Parente (3-10-2021)

Through Hell (Is The Way Out)

Through Hell (Is The Way Out) by Valerie Parente

The longer you feed that unhealthy mental state,
trying and trying to avoid the tallest flames,
that fire is only going to expand its space,
and engulf you into a larger blaze.

I had to go through a brutal kind of hell,
to address a prolonged flaw with my mental health,
a problem that put too much pressure on someone else,
and now I finally feel like the best version of myself.

– Valerie Parente (3-10-2021)

Please Keep Your Cynicism To Yourself

Please Keep Your Cynicism To Yourself by Valerie Parente

Cynicism is a choice.
It is a choice to be void.
You are welcome to not believe in a higher being,
but don’t you dare shut down those who found it and its meaning;
people who have crawled out of the darkness of addiction and grief,
people who survived because they had something outside themself to believe.
If you look at these miracles and roll your eyes at the world,
and think “I’m way too smart to believe in something more”,
then your problem isn’t intelligence,
your problem is stone cold arrogance.
Just because you do not see the benefit of it,
does not mean the benefit does not exist.

Please, do the world a favor next time,
when you want to shame the people who survived,
treat the world like you treat the herbs you smoke,
take a deep breathe, then let it go.

– Valerie Parente (3-10-2021)

Not Bionic

Not Bionic by Valerie Parente

You can be recovered
and still not feel okay,
maybe for minutes,
maybe for days.
The key is accepting
that you operate
on the very mechanisms
that make you brave.
You are not bionic,
you are not unfazed.
You are a child
of the moon’s display,
and that will always mean
that sadness comes in waves,
but so does happiness,
it arrives all the same.
It is this temperament
that helps you create,
it is your reactions
that leave room for grace.
When you have a memory
and it’s by mistake,
you are allowed to feel
any type of way,
because you are not bionic
you are not man-made,
you are something natural
deep in outer space
you are endless and real
in mankind’s masquerade.

– Valerie Parente (3-4-2021)

The Hurt, The Heal, The Hope

The Hurt, The Heal, The Hope by Valerie Parente

I felt myself hurt
as I reflected on the feelings that defined my past.
I felt myself heal
as I made sense of the psyche that defined my present.
And I felt myself hope
as I realized what I wanted was not what I need in my future.
This is the trajectory that permeated my inner rhythmic monologue.
This is the process that helped me uncover my faults.
This is my manifesto that I long to share with you all.

– Valerie Parente (3-2-2021)

Cogs In This Machine

Cogs In This Machine by Valerie Parente

The cogs in this machine
get stuck on repeat frequently,
I understand the mechanics of my mind
and how it operates on rapid fire,
but sometimes I need to be checked
because I have a tendency to forget
that’s its not normal to dwell and replay
and every now and then I need an update,
it’s gonna take a little grease
to loosen up my psyche,
so if you tell me its time for a cleanse
I’ll take your word and reflect,
it’s not easy for me but I’ll lend my trust
I’ll get down in the dirt and scrape the rust,
then when I get these OCD gears turning again
I’ll try to remember the importance of maintenance.

– Valerie Parente (8-10-2020)

Red Flags

“Scared to Let Go” by Valerie Parente

Red Flags by Valerie Parente

Next time I see warning signs I need to realize
that this frustration makes me see red;
that’s why the red flags were easier to protect
because the color wasn’t something I noticed.

– Valerie Parente (6-22-2020)



Value by Valerie Parente

I know my value and I see it every day
I need to stop punishing myself
when it isn’t seen by someone else.

– Valerie Parente (5-5-2019)