The Moonchild & The Cynic

The Moonchild & The Cynic by Valerie Parente

I love the juxtaposition
anything but indifferent
two ends of the spectrum
living in the same vision.

I love this mission
where I’m more than a witness
part of something bigger,
the moonchild and the cynic.

I love the way you listen
it knows no division
you might not agree
but you still think I’m brilliant.

– Valerie Parente (6-11-2022)



Lovestruck by Valerie Parente

Let’s talk about society
and how it lives inside of me.
Every mannerism, every inflection
spreading like a viral infection,
’cause you’ve been part of me
like an antidote to autonomy.
Something so delicate and rare
happens every time I care,
I surrender my own needs
and this narcissist starts to bleed.

Let’s assume caring is a kind of magic
capable of halting all the madness.
Every self-indulgent display
and I start to look away,
’cause I’m blinded by the glow
emanating from your soul.
Something everyone can wear
but I only see it when I care
and that’s the very empathy
that saves me from me.

– Valerie Parente (3-28-2021)


PremonitionVeracity by Valerie Parente

You asked, “is this about me?”
I asked, “should it be?”
I think if you think it applies to you then you already have your answer
and I think if you try to avoid liking someone then it’s because there’s already something there
because you can’t avoid something that does not exist
and I’m sorry but I can see through all your bullshit.
Because I promised myself a long time ago that I’d always be honest with myself
and your problems come back to me because they’re the reason you give me hell.

– Valerie Parente (8-16-2019)