The Cliff

The Cliff by Valerie Parente

You can’t rush into something
that’s been a long time coming
I’ve been falling for years
and I could have hit the ground running.

I knew it was a cliff
we were dealing with
I knew all along
one of us would trip.

Just a little push
was all it took
I went down first
when you were afraid to look.

Then you saw
I survived and walked
no longer waiting
for you to jump off.

I knew it all
I knew you would fall
I knew the realization
would hit like a brick wall.

I could have ran
just to prove I can
but then you showed me
where you stand.

It was next to me,
after all this grief
you didn’t fall
you actually leaped.

Now we feel the same
both on this plane
the ground is finally level
on this new terrain.

– Valerie Parente (4-9-2021)

“In Touch” by Valerie Parente

I have officially published my first full length fiction novel, “In Touch”!

In Touch by Valerie Parente (Book Jacket)

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“Undergraduate physics student, Jef Sterling, has done enough textbook reading to know that the universe is home to countless mind-blowing discoveries. But Jef never expected one of those discoveries to be the mind of an obsessive compulsive writer sharing the same campus as him. After reading a poem by Lacey Parker about her personal struggle with OCD, Jef’s highly rational brain fixates on uncovering the mysteries held captive in Lacey’s highly irrational brain. Throughout the course of a school year these two students exchange ideas that merge science with art, reality with fantasy, and physical phenomena with mental phenomena. While learning from one another Jef makes it his mission to make sense of Lacey’s nonsensical disorder and all of its incredible ironies; how she lives by the notion of feeling everything emotionally but dreads feeling anything physically, how her mind lives to protect as it gradually wreaks destruction, and most paradoxically how both Lacey’s most rewarding qualities and most detrimental flaws manifest from the same brain. In Touch by Valerie Parente is a realistic fiction novel alive with intellectual discussion, mental strife, heartache, and anecdotal insight into the cognitive confines of obsessive compulsive disorder.”

– Valerie Parente (8-5-2018)