Vibes (Beyond Space and Time)

Vibes (Beyond Space and Time) by Valerie Parente

Sometimes we don’t know how to translate
the feelings we want to convey
and that’s perfectly okay
because energy knows exactly what to say
with a voice that needs no sound
with a language you can’t write down;
it’s a communication made of vibes
it’s a reception within the third eye
and you are so damn divine
beyond this space and time.

– Valerie Parente (5-27-2021)

Moonchild Manifesto

Moonchild Manifesto by Valerie Parente

You are a Moonchild.
You embody moods like phases in orbital rotations.
Every moving body comes in cycles
around a world you set your mind to.
That’s when the words begin to flow
like the tides under your gravitational pull.
You fall and you feel and you break,
wondering how others could be so unfazed.
Because you are in love night and day
while the rest are just lost in space.

– Valerie Parente (2-23-2021)

Internal Monologue

Internal Monologue by Valerie Parente

I am made of stardust and everything I believe in is written in constellations.
My entire world is comprised of traveling light that glows up the night.
And I am in awe of how the cosmos mirror my make-up.

I can hear the stars as voices in my head, an internal monologue that never ends.

Feel me breathe
and see me think
I am the language
the starlight speaks.

Star Whisperer

“Star Whisperer” by Valerie Parente

– Valerie Parente (6-16-2019)