Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice by Valerie Parente

Is it sick to say
the pain enriches my life
or am I fooling myself
with another literary device
the irony of my disorder
the alliteration of my confines
the tendency to poetic justice
for the fear of all randomized.
Pain must have meaning
it must have meaning, otherwise
all love does not extend
past the time of my demise.
Yes it must be full of meaning
at the other end there is a light
and if it weren’t for the darkness
love could not be recognized.

– Valerie Parente (4-29-2022)

Moonchild Manifesto SUMMARY


Have you been enjoying my poetry? I love to post my work on valerieparente.com to act as a free library for my writing and art. That being said, if you would like a HARD COPY of my latest work (200+ poetry and prose pieces) you can support me by purchasing Moonchild Manifesto: A Poetry & Prose Collection on Amazon.com. (LINK HERE) Coping with the trauma that arises when you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder during a pandemic and heartbreak and also dealing with the leftover trauma from OCD and anorexia growing up are major themes in Moonchild Manifesto. There is a progression throughout the collection that begins with recognizing pain and heartbreak, transforms into reflection and how your mind could ever get to such a traumatized and obsessive point, and graduates into hopefulness through fantastical allegory-poem hybrids and personal poetic affirmations. Along with stomping out mental health stigma this collection has undertones of feminism, free speech activism, spirituality, and commentary on living through a pandemic. This is easily my favorite project thus far and I would love to share it with the world.

If you liked any of the following pieces on my website you will love them in a full collection that follows a trajectory from The Hurt, The Heal, into The Hope. Some fan favorite poems in Moonchild Manifesto are:

  • Let Go
  • Fishnets
  • The Moon & The Third Eye
  • Venus Fly Trap
  • Like My Dolls
  • These Laurels Were Not Meant To Rest
  • The One That Got Away
  • Your Wardrobe
  • Change, So Bittersweet
  • Why?
  • The Picures I Paint
  • You Look Like You’ve Seen A Ghost
  • In The Jungle
  • Pamper Yourself
  • The Spider Princess
  • Wind Up Toy

– Valerie Parente (7-5-2021)

Moonchild Manifesto: A Poetry & Prose Collection by Valerie Parente AVAILABLE NOW


Moonchild Manifesto by Valerie Parente is a body of work that documents the parallel between two acts: feeling a profound connection and making it your whole mood, and taking a topic and making it your artistic muse. There is a similarity between poetry and the spell we call love. A Moonchild is hyper-sensitive to this similarity and understands how it is equally enchanting as it is taxing. Divided into three moon phases, this poetry and prose collection follows the subconscious trajectory of The Hurt, The Heal, and The Hope.

Valerie Parente’s third poetry and prose collection manifested out of what she does best, mixing psychology, spirituality, and fantasy to make sense of her mental experiences as both a human being with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and a whimsically dark artist.

Divine Design

Divine Design by Valerie Parente

There’s no such thing as coincidence,
there has to be design,
because how can I find the perfect words,
that just so happen to rhyme?
You’re telling me poets are just lucky?
That language just so happens to coincide,
that there’s rhythm to the psyche,
that can be written in artistic lines,
that the material world naturally mirrors,
the effortless world inside my mind?
No, I don’t believe in luck,
I believe in the divine,
based on every one of your points,
used to describe otherwise.

– Valerie Parente (6-15-2021)


Quintessence by Valerie Parente

You didn’t have to try too hard with this one,
it came from the quintessence,
picking up that brilliant oak wand,
tracing words, not weapons,
they’ve been harnessed from spirits,
the whispers from the heavens,
the damned called you mad,
but you were really just present,
hearing what is here all along,
commentary from another dimension,
you can hear it if you choose to live,
and then learn from your lessons,
your scars are your wisdom,
may you honor their impression,
and at the end of each day,
you will feel the quintessence.

– Valerie Parente (6-15-2021)

The Witching Hour and the Day She Witnessed

The Witching Hour and the Day She Witnessed by Valerie Parente

I love the brightness of the day,
but when the moon comes to play,
I like hearing the owls speak,
whistling wisdom from their beaks.

I must tell you, I respect the evening,
and the very moon that I believe in,
the dark sky brings retrospect,
to the daylight earlier witnessed.

She who is nocturnal,
owns a world that is eternal,
because there’s never an end,
to what the soul can comprehend.

Well I guess that’s how it goes,
we have experience and then we grow,
encoding it all in the witching hour,
where the spirits accompany what’s ours.

– Valerie Parente (6-5-2021)

Dragon Breath

Dragon Breath by Valerie Parente

It happens in spurts,
when I’m on roll with free verse,
I call it dragon breath,
spitting fire from my chest,
coming straight from the heartbeat,
that’s the rhythm of my artistry,
I go off like I’m having a manic episode,
a little psychotic collection of poetry and prose,
this is the dragon breath,
coming in so relentless,
igniting the sound waves,
with the words that I say,
finding shelter in a notebook,
where I organize my outlook,
scribbles of chicken scratch and cursive,
it’s all a mess until I type out the words,
that’s when I set fire to this small town,
the place where my lessons were profound,
sometimes I blame my teenage suffering,
but I think my childhood saw it coming,
and it’s a challenge, speaking my mind,
when mental health is still stigmatized,
because honesty comes first and foremost,
but being professional takes a different toll,
I got burnt before my career began,
and what mattered was making a stance,
making an impact, that’s the priority,
making money, that’s secondary,
trying to balance this dragon breath,
smoke and mirrors where we first met,
it’s about me, but I want it to help you,
trying to make a difference from my blues,
you’ll see these footprints come out red,
’cause I’ve been marking where I bled,
that’s why I favor the violet pigment,
I merged these blues with the blood under my skin,
see this dragon, a serpent with wings.
mental fantasy, that’s my upbringing,
remember that before you test me,
I’ve got daydreams stocked and ready,
products of my first sentient thoughts,
in this little girl’s mind from the start,
and as time continues to pass,
through all the good, through all the bad,
I’ve recorded every single lesson,
from my struggles turned to blessings,
and it comes out so wildly poetic,
literary devices somewhat prophetic,
that’s the dragon breath for you,
a voice made of light through and through,
setting the violet sky ablaze,
it’s all chronic, split by a phase,
remember I’ve had plenty of time,
to condition my conscience to rhyme,
nearly automatic at this point,
the effort comes from forcing poise,
’cause I can be vulgar, I can be ruthless,
I can write a novel out of your delusions,
it’s not an insult, it’s just stress,
taken from this dragon breath,
the world will understand one day,
and I swear I’ll see it through before it’s too late,
don’t wanna be famous after the fact,
God please let me see my impact,
I’ve put so much faith into the universe,
and making sense of the inevitable hurt,
what it means to be human,
you saw it when I drew mannequins,
there has to be a rhyme and a reason,
something for this dragon to believe in,
’cause nihilism never made sense to me,
especially in my darkest times of grief,
see these scales, they act as sequins,
reflecting the light that always seeps in,
that’s why I paint in galaxies,
moons and stars, skeletal trees,
there’s a nature so similar in our scriptures,
and each brain is a motif for the bigger picture,
first an artist who was her own muse,
then chose to be haunted by the truth,
now I’m a moonchild on a stellar quest,
she who comes alive in night’s darkness,
I like to do it all in phases,
like the moon and it’s faces,
Lady Luna and her lunatic state of mind,
something lunar I can use to define,
I could go on for days and weeks,
finding symbols that mirror my speech,
you’ve got my words, the very fire,
no more scars from a pen and lighter,
’cause it’s important we communicate,
instead of dwell in all our self-hate,
we’ve all got it, a bit of dragon breath,
you just need to know what to do with it,
that’s my agenda, my very goal,
spiritual artist, the role I chose,
and I don’t feel any more of a creator,
more like the universe’s mentally ill translator,
’cause the dragon breath comes in quick
and I don’t question its celestial origin,
it all makes sense, the wisdom grows,
awareness builds and acceptance flows,
there’s so much content I want to cover,
as I age I long to nurture like a mother,
and I guess that’s the magic of life,
there’s an intuition that loves to guide,
and it gets sharper day after day,
more fuel I can use to create,
I mix these epiphanies with many muses,
sometimes I see an object and I use it,
dissect what it means to me,
finding a beautiful dark symbology,
you’d be surprised how often it works,
it’s all about manipulating the words,
phrases spoken like breathing fire,
wisdom growing higher and higher,
so take this dragon breath from a silver tongue,
and let it radiate even brighter than the sun.

– Valerie Parente (5-29-2021)