Poetry Reading & Analysis (Why I Apologize ~ Tiara ~ Creator ~ Conscience of Nonsense) (VIDEO)

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Tiara by Valerie ParenteValerie Parente Icon

Many girls live inside my head
waiting for her turn to wear the tiara
where she thrives in a masterpiece,
mastering every piece of emotion,
emoting through articulation,
articulating the situation.

I promise these girls inside my head
that her patience will groom her well
for she will learn through all experiences,
experiencing what it is to be human,
humanizing the enemies she once misunderstood,
understanding the meaning of good.

Each girl inside my head
will become the best version of herself.
Honing the darkness that made her wise.
A product of all her joy and all her pain,
as she wears her tiara with pride.

– Valerie Parente (11-30-16)