Love Without Reason

tulip feet

The most authentic love is the kind that you do not understand. You could spend years trying to piece together a formula that could sufficiently explain this love but never come to a satisfying conclusion. When someone asks you why you love this person, you cannot give one definitive reason why. You cannot pick out a particular feature of this person that summarizes your attraction. You just feel it. Something indescribably gravitates you to this person and you do not know why or care to know why. It does not matter. There is no making sense of this feeling with logic or reason. This love and any abounding comprehension of this love transcends beyond the human brain’s capabilities. You know your love is in its realest form when you cannot understand it no matter how hard you try. We see undeniable proof of this marvel in our love for our family and, periodically, in romantic love.

– Valerie Parente (4-11-2018)


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