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Valerie profile

My name is Valerie Parente, and as a writer and an artist I have decided to create a blog composed of prose pieces (both personality-based and intellectually-based) in the hope to upgrade my status from aspiring author to publicly recognized author.
My childhood was that of a girl with a knack for writing accompanied by an overly imaginative mind; constantly indulging in the thrill of fabricating daydreams and mental screenplays. My adolescence was that of a head-in-the-clouds teenager struggling with a life altering diagnosis of anorexia and severe obsessive compulsive disorder; trying to this day to identify her authentic voice through a synthetic storm of anxiety-charged OCD thoughts.
As a young woman with a very idiosyncratic mental condition and what I like to call a predominantly active “write-brain” hemisphere, I am constantly on an exciting journey of rediscovering my voice through the art of written word. While I manipulate fantasies into meaningful internal dialogues and find a silver-lining of revelations in my mental ailments I am proud to say that I believe my voice, as Valerie Parente, is a strong voice ready to be heard.
This blog will serve as the platform to my destined writing career.


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