what is real?

My entire life has been me struggling to figure out what is real and what my OCD is tricking me into believing. I’m always trying to figure out if my feelings are just results of something fictitious I made up in my head or if these feelings are really there in the air. I just need you to own up to the truth because if you really did lead me to feel a certain way and choose to lie that I made it up in my head then that is literally the cruelest thing you could ever do to me.


– Valerie Parente (5-10-2019)

One thought on “what is real?

  1. Melodie Michelle ❤️ (cheLLe) says:

    I can totally relate to you. I’m a lifetime suffer of ADHD untreated. It’s very challenging to say the least. This post was written DURING a crash moment in my ADHD brain. ADHD brain is defined perfectly in this definition: an ADHD brain is like a high performing and high powered sports car that has no brakes! Perfect analogy!
    I’m following you please follow me as well! Comments please 💄👠
    Wow that is so true and thank you so much for this post!!!💄👠😍👠💄
    I’m following you please follow me ~ comments please!!!
    Here is my latest post about the crashes of the ADHD brain, written DURING the crash.
    😖 Perpetual madness of the mind


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