Seascape by Valerie Parente

You think the answer is out there,
so it’s time to set sail,
engulfed in the seascape,
and its nautical tales,
hoping for mermaids,
creatures we’ve never seen,
set sail, this sweet ship,
a metaphysical discovery.

You think you’re just a ship,
lost in the ocean,
the truth is you’re the tide,
implicitly in motion,
waves of the mind,
here before your birth,
man did not make you,
nature spawned you first.

You think when you’re shipwrecked,
that it is the very end,
the truth is, you’re set free,
no more need to pretend,
part of the blue mystery,
so much bigger than you,
connected with everything,
the current becomes your truth.

– Valerie Parente (4-7-2021)


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