I Want To Be Heard

I Want To Be Heard by Valerie Parente

It’s not that I want to be famous,
it’s that I want to be heard,
and I know I can touch you,
if you get in touch with my words.

I took a lot of carefully constructed time
from a child to the adult I am now
I try my best to add a positive spin
a piece of beauty in an ugly crowd.

There is nothing more important than a voice
I realized that when I was a sick teen
and if you don’t like what you hear
you sure as hell have the right to intervene.

I saw a lot of talk about mental disorders
that glamorized the illness over healing
and I knew right then and there
I wanted to patch over the bleeding.

There’s are always silver linings to our pain
and it took a long time for me to see them
but the one thing that saves me every day
is the process of creating and artistic freedom.

I didn’t go through hell for nothing,
mental health awareness is the goal,
there’s a darkness we can manipulate,
shedding light in the shadows.

Make it meta, make it metaphorical,
make these poems layered infinitely,
I’ve got your back and that’s a promise,
if you’re kind enough to listen to me.

– Valerie Parente (6-7-2021)

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